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Originally this website was a place for me to collect my thoughts and adventures while travelling. Since returning to Canada I've realised that I still need this place to reflect on teaching, the arts, and where I fit in them.
Please enjoy exploring this site, in a lot of ways it's like exploring my classroom or my office.


“An artless school is an impoverished place reflecting a set of values that bodes ill for our society.”

(Eisner 1989)



Laura Schindel, OCT

I am a creative and passionate artist-educator, with a dedication to inspiring persistent and resilient learners. Through my teaching practice I strive to help students reach their highest potential by becoming more creative thinkers.

I am an, artist-first, Artist Educator. I always try to keep up with my own artistic practice as a means to both connect to my students and keep connected with myself. I believe that my artistic practice makes me a better educator. I love drawing and painting with watercolours, but you can always find me trying new things and experimenting with new media.

Though I identify as an artist-educator I do so because the arts have such a profound impact on
everyone’s life. The art classroom allows a safe and easy place to learn resiliency, high standards, and
imagination, without the fear of getting the wrong answer. All professions need creative thinkers. Creativity is
what separates humans from other primates, an innate creativity and abstract thought. When you teach
someone to read you do not expect them to read Shakespeare, so why is it that when you teach someone
to paint, they expect themselves to paint the Sistine Chapel? The problem is that our society quickly teaches
students that they are not “good at art” and they give up. I try to teach creativity and confidence in conjunction with the curriculum and judge effort more than quality. My point is not to produce great fine artists, but to teach students that art is important and to never give up on creativity. 

I am a proud graduate of the Queen's Artist in Community Education Program. I graduated from the Queen's Faculty of Education in 2018 with my Bachelor of Education, and from Trent University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts Honours in History. I have teachables in Visual Arts, History, and Junior education.


... I guess it's pretty cool to see our words on rocks.

July 30, 2018

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May 18, 2018

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