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Watch this page to see what my students and I are working on!

For more information on these lessons and activities please contact me!

What Are We Working On?: Welcome



During the COVID-19 school lockdowns in March - June of 2020 I began  making videos for students to continue engaging with the arts from home. They used materials that everyone had at home so no one had to leave their house. I loved being able to continue teaching art in a time where we all needed a little more light and joy. 

This channel is coming soon!


Year 8

The year 8s created sculptures out of air dry clay based on sculptures they had seen in their research. First students completed sketches and research in an art movement-driven web-quest, next they practiced sculpting with Plasticine, then they created either reproductions or their own designs based on what they found most interesting.

Inspired by the Nefertiti bust
Inspired by Greek busts
Inspired by Jeff Koons Balloon Dog
Inspired by Yayoi Kusama's Pumpkins
Inspired by contemporary sculpture and the Readymades
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Year 9

For their art history unit, the year 9s completed a study in Western Architecture and their own interests in building design with the intention of completing detailed drawings of buildings. Originally this was intended to be a cross-curricular activity with a math / science class that was designing and building a working model of a sustainable city. Students could choose to draw buildings they were designing in their other course, however many decided to draw historical or buildings or contemporary houses. First students participated in a lesson on architectural movements through history, then they researched and chose the buildings they wished to draw. Many students chose to draw from a grid for accuracy, but some drew freehand.

Kronstadt Naval St Nicholas Cathedral
Sydney Opera House
Notre-Dame-La-Grande Church
What Are We Working On?: Gallery


Year 8

For their first project of the year, the Year 8s learned basic watercolour techniques and used their knowledge of colour theory to create geometric paintings inspired by Instagram artist Josie Lewis (@josielewisart). The unit began by learning various watercolour techiniques (washes, crayon relief, using salt, colour mixing, etc) then students designed their own geometric design to colour in with a colour-scheme of their choosing.

Cool Triangles
Falling Rainbow
Colour Scales
Colour Tiles
Blue Hexagons
Ornate Rainbow
Cool Star
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Year 9

For their very first project of the year the Year 9s stretched their drawing muscles. They spent some time practicing different shading techniques with pens in their sketchbooks then used these skills to shade photos of themselves. They put the photos in the window to decide on the level of contrast they wanted then filled it in with their chosen style. Below are just pieces of their portraits, as we can't share students' faces, the names used are pseudonyms.

"Lisa" 1
"Lisa" 2
"Sam" 1
"Sam" 2
"Sam" 3
"Sam" 4
"Evan" 1
"Evan" 2
What Are We Working On?: Gallery


Years 7 and 8

At the end of the year, year 7 and 8 students had a couple classes to try something new and fun. We experimented with creating our own photo negatives and exposing homemade photo paper to the sun using the cyanotype process. Really it was just a nice way to get outside in the sun in May in Sweden!

Flowers - a finished piece
In process 1
In process 2
What Are We Working On?: Gallery
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